Digital Artwork | Illustration | Packaging/Label Design | Album Artwork

Property of the Hammercan band and can be found on their social media profiles.

I was commissioned to create the digital artwork, illustration, album artwork, and packaging design for Hammercan's Circle of Life album. This included digitizing an existing artwork and creating new artwork from scratch.
Circle of Life Cover
The album cover design features a bold and dark abstract drawing of the Circle of Life, with the main feature being a digitized Sugar Skull artwork by Fiona Trzeciak. Elements from the Sugar Skull are also used on the packaging design to create a consistent brand identity.​​​​​​​
Inside Front
Circle of Life Cover
CD Print
Digitized Artwork​​​​​​​
Sugar Skull - Original artwork by Fiona Trzeciak
The initial pencil drawings for the album artwork and lettering were vectorized in Adobe Illustrator. The final design was then created in Affinity Designer, a powerful vector graphics tool that I have been using in addition to Adobe apps.
Client Video

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