FAQs about logo & brand identity projects

How branding projects work
How much does a branding project cost?
See prices for my brand identity packages here.
How do payments work?
Most projects are divided into two payments: a 50% deposit and 50% final payment, due net 15. On larger projects, we can set milestones for payments. Payments can be made by credit card, ACH bank transfer, Paypal, or check.   
How long does it take to complete a branding project?
Depending on the number of deliverables involved, it usually takes me anywhere from 2-3 weeks for a logo project and up to 2 months for a standard brand identity package that has some additional pieces of collateral.
How will we communicate?
We’ll start off with Zoom video meetings for discussing your project and presenting the first round of concepts. For shorter communications, we’ll use email or I’ll send you a short recorded video.
Do you provide editable source files?
Yep. Some designers charge extra for those, but I don’t. You can have the native source files for all of your final pieces.
Can you manage the printing of my project?
Yes. Some clients already have trusted print vendors they use and simply need print-ready files they can take to them. Or, if needed, I can manage the entire printing process for you, recommending vendors, obtaining quotes and seeing your project through to the finish. In this case, I’ll add a small print management fee to the project. I like to set it up so you’ll pay a printer’s bill separately without any markups from me. Then you’ll establish a relationship with them that lets you easily order reprints directly.
Choosing a designer
How can I be sure I’ll like what you design?
A branding project involves a lot of information gathering: we’ll discuss your business goals, history, audience, competitors, brand personality, and more. This sets parameters that guide the design. Since you’re helping to set those parameters yourself, you can be confident your brand identity will be just right. Read more details on the process.
How do I know we’re a good match for each other?
Not to sound like we’re dating here, but compatibility is important. Take a look at my design portfolio. Does it have the general style you’re after? You need a designer whose work matches the aesthetic you’re aiming for. You might love how a designer presents their work, or maybe they have a great reputation or you genuinely like them as a person. But if their body of work itself doesn’t feel like you could imagine your project fitting in, you should probably look elsewhere. A designer can sometimes work in different styles, but their own unconscious preferences will act like a magnet pulling the design back to their sweet spot. Which hopefully is the reason you selected them in the first place!
How are you different from others offering to design my brand?
Studios have different specialties. Some are marketing agencies who dabble in enough design to offer branding, but it’s not their sweet spot. Others outsource design work to subcontractors, so the person you hire is not the same brain who is crafting your visual identity. Start with me, a brand identity design specialist, then go hire a stellar marketing agency to get some eyes on it.
How picky should I be when getting a logo for my business?
Pretty picky. Your brand identity—which includes the logo—is the face of your business to the public. Logos are high-visibility projects—they’re on every website, card, handout, presentation, and package you’ll ever produce. Your logo is at work 24/7, helping prospective customers form the right impression. But you should also make sure your designer will think beyond the logo and create a whole visual scheme to represent your brand. This system should be logical, replicable, and so distinctively yours, that you could hide that awesome logo and everyone would still know all your stuff belongs to your company.
I need a logo and I already know exactly what I want it to look like. I just need someone to make it. Will you?
In this case you are the designer, and you simply need a technician who can execute your idea using computer software. I bring strategic thinking as well as execution to a project, and that’s more than you’re looking for. I’m not the right fit.
What if you haven’t done any work in my industry before?
I get it. If you’re a law firm, it can feel less risky to hire a designer who specializes in law firms. But design principles don’t change from industry to industry. And drawing from broader experience is actually a bonus, since clichés in one industry can be fresh ideas in another. I always start by looking at your competitors and related organizations to learn what the conventions are in your field. Then we take into account how much you should fit in or stand out, and design accordingly. A strong designer can work in any industry.
We’re not in the same city. Can we still work together?
Absolutely. 98% of my clients are not local, so I’m adept at managing projects long distance. Live and pre-recorded video makes it work.
We need a website, too. Can you help?
Web design and development is a speciality in itself, so I no longer take on web projects. I recommend clients hire a dedicated individual or firm for this. The firm can reference the brand style guide we develop to build the site. I may be able to consult on the project, checking in at a couple strategic points to make sure the design is consistent with your brand.
Do you do copy writing?
I help with company or product naming, taglines, mission statements, brand stories, or other short messaging for your brand. But when it comes to lengthy copy for brochures, presentations, or websites, that’s not a service I provide. You can hire a copywriter for this.
We already have our brand identity established. Can we hire you for a smaller project like a postcard or a single ad? Also, we need it ASAP.
I’m afraid not; my work is primarily branding projects. It sounds like you need a designer who focuses on production work and can apply your existing branding to a piece of collateral. Developing a relationship with someone you can call on for these ongoing needs is your next step.

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